NEW PROJECT: 'BEST BEFORE' EXHIBITED at 500m underground walkway gallery in Sapporo.

My new series; 'BEST BEFORE', is being part of the group exhibition; Sapporo Section 3: Document & Memory of Sapporo, at Sapporo Odori 500-m Underground Walkway Gallery. This exhibition will be held from April 2nd until 29th of June. I also took part in an artist talk among the other photographers of this group show, more photos & a short video coming soon! 

My very own Dark Room at Tenjinyama Art Studio

The lovely Tenjinyama family (staff) helped me build a dark room so I could make my own prints for the exhibition, it was quite hard to find an analogue printer in Sapporo. That's why I decided to print everything myself, I really like to print myself because it gives me much more control. Luckily there was a really nice local photographer that lend me all his equipment. And my good artist friend and talented oil painter Kim-Kun helped me made a sign to put up so none of the visitors would accidentally open the curtain while I was printing. 


During my stay in Sapporo I keep working on my Zoological project. 

The project, ‘Zoologicaltries to explore the contrast between reality and constructed reality; the trompe l'oeil (deceiving of the eye) through the concept of the relationship between human and nature. I am looking for the artificial natural environments, and discovered that the fake environments are ironically starting to fade and dissolve over time. The environments constructed for the animals are mirrors of the humans themselves, it symbolizes that the identities are replaced by a facade of what pleases us as human beings. 

My plan is to keep this project going for a few years and to visit several zoo's in different parts of the world, or wherever my travels will take me :)