Inge Trienekens

Fine Art Photographer located in Antwerp, Belgium.


+316 42 822 683



2016 - 2018
MA Photography
Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp. 

2014 - 2015
MA Fine Art Photography.
IED, Istituto Europeo di Design, Madrid.

2009 - 2013
Bachelor of Design, BDES, in Digital Photography. 
Willem De Kooning Academy, Rotterdam.

2012 - 2013
Internship with Mitsuko Nagone.
Freelance Art Photographer, Tokyo.

2011 - 2012
Exchange Program at the Photography Department, CAFA. 
Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing.

Degree - Basic Course in Digital Photography. 
Fotovakschool, Amsterdam. 


  • NRC Handelsblad

  • NRC Next

  • Quest

  • Quest Psychologie

  • Het Parool

  • Hogeschool Rotterdam


  • Photo Town by FOAM-Lab, FOAM Amsterdam.

  • ART NN (Nationale Nederlanden) / Kunstzaken ING Verzekeren

  • NEW TALENT - GUP Magazine


03/12/2018 Victor Werner Gallery presents Inge Trienekens - selected works 2016-2018.
14/01/2019 Solo Exhibition in combination with art works from the collection of the Gallery.

30/11/2018 Victor Werner Gallery presents Inge Trienekens - selected works 2016-2018.
02/12/2018 To Be Antwerp 2018 & Victor Werner Gallery, Belgium.

28/06/2018 Masters 2018
01/07/2018 Lange Zaal - Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Belgium.

21/06/2018 One Thing I Can Tell You Is I Got To Be Free.
24/06/2018 KASKA Master Graduation Exhibition Hosted by FOMU Antwerp, Belgium.

25/05/2018 The Turning Point And The Return - Visions Of Divercities
30/06/2018 Redtory Art District, Guangzhou & Consulate General of Belgium.
- Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts & Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp &
Embassy of Belgium in China.

09/03/2018 Wondrous Pearls - The Baroque Body.
16/03/2018 Masters in Fine Arts Exhibition 2018 - Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.

01/03/2018 No-Solo Show #01: Yanxin Guo, Izra Marie Jans, Bertrand Cavalier
& Inge Trienekens .
Extra City Kunsthal, Antwerp, Belgium.

18/05/2017 DOI takes over KAVKA: Part 7, Inge Trienekens. 
31/05/2017   KAVKA, Antwerp, Belgium. 

04/05//2017 DOI - Creative Lab Group Exhibition
07/05/2017   Pink House, Antwerp, Belgium. 

16/02/2017 Inter City: KASKA - One Night Only #5; I. Trienekens & E. Rodin. 
                   Extra City Kunsthal, Antwerp, Belgium. 

12/11/2016   Part of the group exhibition: Foederer Talent Award 2016. 
19/11/2016   LAC Studios, "GLOW", Eindhoven, The Netherlands. 

02/04/2016    Part of the group exhibition; Sapporo Document & Memory.
29/06/2016    500m Underground Walkway Gallery, Sapporo, Japan.  

25/02/2015    Part of the group exhibiton ‘5plus5’. 
29/04/2015    Grain, Photographers Wall, Library of Birmingham, UK.
                       - Grain Photography Library of Birmingham & IED Madrid.

28/10/2014     Part of the group exhibiton ‘5plus5’
14/11/2014       Larra Gallery, Madrid.
                        - Grain Photography Library of Birmingham & IED Madrid.                                          

18/09/2014     Part of the Dutch Photography Group Exhibition ‘ALIVE’, Phototown. 
28/09/2014     Phototown 2014, Brooklyn Bridge Park, NYC.

05/12/2013     Part of the group exhibition in Tokyo Arts Gallery, Japan.
26/12/2013     Tokyo Arts Gallery, Tokyo.

04/10/2013      Solo Exhibition ING Headquarters/Nationale Nederlanden, Rotterdam.
01/01/2014       Art NN (Art & Insurance ING), Rotterdam.

13/07/2013      Participated in Photo Town, organized by FOAM-Lab.
                        - Subsidiary: FOAM, Amsterdam.

31/05/2013     Solo Exhibition at the ING Headquarters, ‘ING HOUSE’.
03/10/2013     Art NN (Art & Insurance ING). Amsterdam.

28/02/2013    Publication in “New Dutch Photography Talent Book".
                       Exhibited in a Group Exhibtion in the Gup Gallery in Amsterdam.  
                       - Subsidiary of GUP Magazine. 

01/06/2012 Low Budget High Class - Group Exhibition.
10/06/2012 Dek 22, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


  • Tenjinyama Art Studio, Sapporo, Japan. 
    January 6th until April 5th, 2016. 


  • Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, China.
    Exchange Program at GAFA as part of my Master Project, selected as one of the finalists for the ASEM-DUO Fellowship.
    August 31st, 2017 until January the 17th, 2018.

  • Workshop at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.
    Collaboration between KASKA in Belgium and GAFA in China. 
    November 20th until December the 10th, 2016. 

AWARD Nominations

  • Foederer Talent Award 2016 - Nominated for the Foederer Talent Award
    [in collaboration with Crowe Horwath & Holland Art Group].

  • ING UNSEEN Talent Award 2016, nominated as a Longlist Candidate.
    ING and Unseen Photo Festival Amsterdam.


  • ALIVE! - Dutch Group Exhibition curated by Aloys Ginjaar & Astrid Verhoef. Photoville, September 2014, Brooklyn Bridge Park, NYC.

  • The Curatorship - One of the scholarships finalists for the MA in Fine Art Photography, IED, Madrid.

  • Invited by FOAM-Lab to be part of Phototown, Initiative of FOAM Amsterdam.

  • New Dutch Photography Talent 2013 - Initiative of GUP Magazine. Publication in the New Talent Book & part of a group exhibition at the GUP Gallery in Amsterdam.


  • NewDawn Paper - Portfolio publication of the series; The Mystery of Things.

  • Cuckoo Magazine - Online Platform devoted to Art, Photography, Culture & Lifestyle.

  • New Dutch Photography Talent Book - Gup Magazine