The Mystery of Things



With this project I try to make sense out of this life and to confront this thing we call: ‘the real world’. My generation, the so-called Y-generation, has high expectations from the world around them but mainly from themselves. The search of our own identity, finding happiness and to get satisfaction from what we do in life, creates this thin & anxious line between perfection and imperfection. There is this constant presence of insecurities, expectations and disappointments. All this pressure leads that one third of the people with a burnout in the Netherlands are amongst my generation.

Sometimes I feel trapped in this seemingly perfect world. It is hard to look beyond just that one moment, art allows me to escape from this reality. With my work I take myself out of this “real” world and I try to take the viewer along with me on this journey.  By creating a world in which it does not matter if you live up to any expectations, anything could be nothing, nothing could be anything. Reality can be fiction and fiction can be reality, impossible things can seem possible and possible things can seem impossible. This leaves me wondering about where reality ends and imagination begins?